Reports & Publications

Cré Blueprint for Biowaste in Ireland by 2030 web

Cre Annual Report 2022

Cré Carbon Sequestration Contribution of Compost Executive Summary

Cré Carbon Sequestration-Contribution of Compost Main Report

Cre CLG Annual Report 2020

Cre Guide 2020

Cre Annual Report 2019_LR

RED C- Commercial Food Waste Survey – Sept 2019

National Brown Bin Awareness Pilot Report Sligo 30.01.2019

Guidelines for Anaerobic Digestion in Ireland_Final




Gorc Book of Abstracts

Best Practice Guide for Door to Door Brown Bin Education in Ireland

Cre_Market Report_2014

AD Europe 2014 Conference Review

Review of Best International Practice on How to Educate Households on Using the Brown Bin Correctly_Final Report (3)

Report on Garden Waste Collected at Civic Amenity Sites

Compost Markets 2012_Final

Cre Market Report 2013

Cré Market Report_May 2012


RX3 Compost-Life-Cycle Analysis 

Rx3 Compost Digestate Characterisation  

Rx3 2 Year Report on Crop Trials

Cre-WRAP Compost Trial at K Club

Availability of Nitrogen from Compost

Availability of Phosphorus from Compost

Collectable Household Food and Garden Waste in Ireland

Translation of Summary of Long Term German Agri Compost Trials

Intertrade Ireland – Market Report on Composting and Biogas Sector

Rx3 Crop Trial using Compost and Digestate


Development of AD in Ireland

Circular WPPR 17.08 – (Roll outof Brown Bins)