Cré was established in 2001 and was formally registered as a CLG in ROI in 2003.  Initially set up to represent the fledging composting sector and in later years developed to include anaerobic digestion in the Republic of Ireland.

Cré has over 80 member organisations from Ireland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, Italy and Norway. Our membership represents a wide range of public and private sector stakeholders including, local authorities, composting sites, anaerobic digestion sites, colleges, consultants, waste companies and technology/trade suppliers.

We represent Irish and non-Irish members supporting their business in the Republic of Ireland under the following objectives:

  • To promote composting and anaerobic digestion in Ireland;
  • To promote the use of quality assured compost/digestate products;
  • To infuse best practices into the development of the industry;
  • Promote proper management of organic waste in the business community;
  • Promote home and on-site composting;
  • Promote research in relevant sectors;
  • Promote proper management of organic waste to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases generated; and
  • Inform members on new emerging technologies.

In terms of advocacy and policy representation Cré operates on a Republic of Ireland and EU basis only.

Cré has a Executive who co-ordinates the affairs of the association.  Daily management is conducted by the Association Chair, Treasurer and Executive who report to the Board. The overall responsibility for running the association falls to our Board of Directors.The Association has three member committees.

Cré is a member of the European Compost Network (www.compostnetwork.info), the European Biogas Association, World Biogas Association & World Compost Alliance.

As a strong membership body, Cré is better placed to contribute the industry’s view when consulted by Government on proposed legislation and fiscal policy that would directly affect our members. Whether you are a supplier of biowastes, a producer of composts or digestates, consultant, supplier, service beneficiary, local authority or academic institution, joining Cré will put you in the heart of the industry with access to benefits unavailable from any other source.

The Cré Team

Board of Directors

  • Kevin Eves (Envirogrind)
  • Munoo Prasad (Compost Research & AD Advisory)
  • Patrick O’Toole (O’Toole Composting)
  • Tim Duggan (Enrich)
  • Tony Breton (Novamont)
  • Stephen Wise (CERES)
  • Michael Murphy (Ormonde Organics)
  • Lalitha Devi Gottumukkala (Celginis)

Chair – Tony Breton

Treasurer -Stephen Wise

Executive -Ben Martin

Joint Technical Committee

Cré has a members Joint Technical Committee that meets three times a year. From this committee sub groups are set up on specific topics such as Anaerobic Digestion and Carbon.