Cré is a non-profit membership Association. It was established in 2001.

Cré actively participates in policy working groups and acts as a forum to interested parties to discuss all aspects of composting and anaerobic digestion. Members also receive priority booking for many events including conferences, themed meetings & training courses. Cré has a full time Executive who co-ordinates the affairs of the association.  Daily management is conducted by the Association Chair, Treasurer and Executive who report to the Board. The overall responsibility for running the association falls to our Board of Administrators.The Association has three committees – a Technical Committee, Anaerobic Digestion Committee and Public Relations Committee.

Cré is a member of the European Compost Network (www.compostnetwork.info) and the European Biogas Association.

As a strong membership body, Cré is better placed to contribute the industry’s view when consulted by Government on proposed legislation and fiscal policy that would directly affect our members. Whether you are a supplier of biowastes, a producer of composts or digestates, consultant, supplier, service beneficiary, local authority or academic institution, joining Cré will put you in the heart of the industry with access to benefits unavailable from any other source.

The Cré Team

Board of Directors

  • Dearbháil Ni Chualain (Bord na Mona Horticulture)
  • David McDonnell (Green Gas AD Plant)
  • Fiacra Quinn (Greenstreets)
  • Martin Eves (Envirogrind)
  • Munoo Prasad (Compost Research & Advisory)
  • Patrick O’Toole (O’Toole Composting)
  • Tim Duggan (Enrich)
  • Maurice Cremin (Cremin Farm Compost)
Technical Committee
  • Dearbháil Ni Chualain (Bord na Mona Horticulture)
  •  Munoo Prasad (Compost Research & Advisory)
  • Sam Bowden (Acorn)
  • Tony Breton(Novamont)
  • Brian Sheridan (Odour Monitoring Ireland)

Public Relations Committee

  • Tony Breton (Novamont)
  • Paul Mooney

Anaerobic Digestion Committee

  • David McDonnell (Green Gas AD Plant)
  • Morgan Burke (Stream Bioenergy)
  • Alan Reynolds (Greenfield Ventures)
  • Micheal Geary (FLI)

Chairman -Martin Eves

Treasurer -Tim Duggan

Chair of the Technical Committee -Munoo Prasad

Chair of the Anaerobic Digestion Committee-David McDonnell

Executive -Percy Foster

PR Officer – Lee-Jane Eastwood