Anaerobic Digestion


Site for Information on Northern Ireland Anaerobic Digestion Sector

Site for Information on Ireland Anaerobic Digestion Sector

Anaerobic Digestion Facilities

GreenGas AD Plant
Dunmoylan, Shanagolden, Co. Limerick
Contact: David McDonnell/Darina Hannan
t: 069 60404 f: 069 60405 e:
e: w.

GreenGas AD Plant (trade name of McDonnell Farms Biogas Limited) is a farm based anaerobic digestion facility.  Located outside Shanagolden in Co. Limerick adjacent to the family farm, Greengas AD Plant has recently become operational having progressed through the final stages of testing and validation with the Department of Agriculture.  The plant processes dairy and poultry manure and imported feedstock such as hatchery waste and dairy sludge.  The biogas produced in the anaerobic digestion process is used as fuel in a CHP Unit.  The resultant electricity produced is sold to the national grid and the heat generated recycled for heating use in both Plant and the nearby poultry enterprise.  The processed digestate is used on local farm land as a high quality eco fertiliser.

Green Generation
Gorteen, Nurney, Co. Kildare
Contact: Billy Costello/Bill Corcorcan
t: 087 2525231
Greenfield Ventures 
Contact: Alan Reynolds
T: 0876312095