EU Research Project

The ATBEST ITN provides innovative research and training for 14 young researchers seeking to work in the biogas industry in Europe. It comprises eight training sites located in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Sweden and is a multidisciplinary collaboration between internationally-renowned research teams and industrial partners, each with complementary expertise in a wide range of environmental technologies. 12 ESRs (early stage researchers)and 2 ERs (experienced researhcers) have been recruited and each will participate in secondments, industrially relevant training and 3 Summer Schools. The aim is to establish long-term collaborations and develop structured research and training relevant to industry and academia along the biogas supply chain (biogas production from feedstock to its utilisation as energy). The project will reinforce and expand existing research links to standardise and advance biogas training.


COMPO-BALL (Sensoball), is a 3-year research project is funded by the European Commission and brings together 16 partners from 9 European countries. The aim is to bring affordable wireless composting-sensors for temperature and humidity to the European composting industry.

Cre is a partner in this research project.

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The COMPO-BALL project is supported by the “Research for the benefit of SME associations” theme of the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) under the grant agreement number 243625.