Cré -REA Study Tour to Italy October

Cré -REA Bioeconomy Study Tour to Italy on 14th to 16th October
Cré, in partnership with Organics Recycling Group of the Renewable Energy Association, has put together a bioeconomy study tour in the Milan and Venetto regions of Italy to visit:
? Food waste collections systems in Milan
? Composting/biogas plant
? Novamont’s Head Quarters and Research Laboratories
? SESA’s integrated composting/anaerobic digestion plant.

The tour will allow you to learn what the leading pioneers in Italy are doing to develop the Italian bioeconomy sector. The study tour is intended to give an overview of current best-practices and approaches in food waste separate collection and recycling.

The tour has options for attending 2 or 3 days.
Download the tour programme Italian Study Tour October 2018
To make a booking, please fill in the Cre-REA Study Tour Booking Form and email contact
Sinead Clinton
T: 0861747941