Photo: (L to R) Lee-Jane Eastwood (Cre), Sandra Smith (Dublin City Council), Eimear Joyce (Pearse College), George Keogh (Chairperson of Pearse College Allotments) and Klaus Laitenberger (Horticulturist & Author).


Last year Cré secured funding under Local Agenda 21 from Dublin City Council and Department of Environment, Community and Local Government for a compost promoting project in the Dublin City Council area to run in 2015 called ‘grow a row’.


The project, based on a similar successful initiative in Canada, involves supplying community gardens or groups with compost, enabling extra vegetables to be grown and supplied to local food banks. It is also a great way to improve awareness of the benefits of using compost in the garden.


In conjunction with Dublin City Council, Cré are delighted to announce that Pearse College Community Allotments have taken up the call to get involved in this initiative and will be supplying the extra vegetables grown to a local food bank. A launch event at Pearse College on 4th June, which saw Enrich kindly donating four tonnes of compost for the project, included a talk by eminent horticulturalist Klaus Laitenberger and the official launch of the custom built website


As well as a platform to showcase the project at each stage, the website will also function as a tool to allow the project to be replicated by other groups around the country.  Factsheets on vegetable growing with compost were developed for the website as simple guides to encourage even the novice gardener to get involved.


Vegetable Growing with Compost Factsheets









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