Ireland ‘will lead the way’ with New Certification Scheme for Compostable Products

Press Release 14.8.2018


Ireland ‘will lead the way’ with New Certification Scheme

for Compostable Products


The position on compostable cups, packaging and products in Ireland:


  • Of the composting sites which accept brown bin material, the majority of them are accepting compostable cups/ materials which meet the EU standard EN I.S. 13432 and the remaining sites are conducting trials.


  • The emergence of new compostable products on the market is a recent development and the market is steadily adapting to accommodate this new reality in terms of compostable packaging waste policy, standards and related best practice.


  • Compost site owners however are concerned that products not certified to the EU Standard EN I.S. 13432 are entering the market and causing contamination in compost.


Cré hosted an industry meeting last March which brought packaging companies and composting sites together to discuss the issue of new compostable products entering the market and has since met various other key stakeholders including Minister Naughten’s officials.


Percy Foster, CEO of Cré, said “From the consultation process the industry has determined an action plan to address the compostable waste challenge. Cré is now developing an independent Certification Scheme for compostable products in Ireland, which will be launched in quarter 4”.


The proposed Cré scheme will award a logo which can be printed on cups and other compostable packaging and products to give them a clear compostable identity which will give them visibility for brown bin collection and further organic recycling in composting plants.


The scheme will provide reassurance to buyers, consumers and composting sites that a product is truly compostable in Ireland’s approved industrial compost facilities and it will also promote those compostable products that have achieved certification to the scheme. This industry initiative to be led by Cré will clearly identify which products are compostable and remove any confusion on the matter from within the market.”





Percy Foster, CEO of Cré

E:                                T: 086 8129260